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In the hard times of retail sales you must have a good idea to reform the currently situation. One good idea is the implementation of a bonus system which you can help to advance customer loyalty. To establish a bonus system in your region is always successfully if both parties ( the vendor an the customer ) have an anvantage. You will give your customer a bonus and the customer will give you loyalty.


At the end of the 19' century where was a wide extension of the concept of discount tickets in the USA. In the year 1960 the half of all households in the USA was using discount tickets. The number of distributed discount tickets was in the year 1975 over 35 billions. Conditional upon the wide distribution by modern media , where was a proportion of 33 percent from all americans which use electronical bonus cards.

The principle

For any sales which was taken from your customer you will give him a bonus. The bonus in terms of points will registered in the bonus card. Each vendor in your region will be able to define the dimension of the bonus. The system records all single sales and save it to a database for analysing data afterwards. You can use the service from YouLoyalty to create premium professional analyses or you can authorise a person of your choice to do this. The softwaresystem from YouLoyalty will help you to handle all needfully procedures. In this manner , each vendor in the community will become several advantages. On the one hand you can build a customer database which will help you to create customer profiles. On the other hand , you can optimze your offering in your region. For the most salers is this a very importantly option.

The technology

The main components from YouLoyalty are the premium handmade terminals with a pocket pc computer inside which runs with embedded windows operating system and a transponder read- write unit. Furthermore where are the premium transpondercards which can be printed individually. The advantage of this transpondercards is the very high livetime. You can use a single transpondercard up to 1 million times. At least where is the administration software system from YouLoyalty to manage all relevant datas.

Die Terminalsoftware

Very easy useage. You put the customers card in the terminal slot. The terminal will read and identify a valid card automatically. That will be done in one second. Now you can see in the terminaldisplay the cardnumber , the name of the customer , the number of points , and the birthday of your curstomer. If your customers birthday is today , the terminal will play a little happy birthday song. After you have input the volume of sales , the system will calculate the bonus points and save it to the customers transponder card. The calculation method is based on the configuration which will be defined by the saler. You can define 3 different discount rates. These are accessible on the terminals touchscreen. The same procedure is to debit points from the card.

There are many parameters available to configure the system. Inputlimits for protecting yourself. Plausibilitys , time ranges for locking the terminals , minimum and maximumvalues , limits for single cards , infomodes and so on. That are the main differents to other systems.

An additional feature is : The terminal have short report inside. That means you don't must save the data from the terminal to your pc before you can analyse the data. Anytime you will be able to get a short report immediately. The listing is organised in monthly order.

Addional security options are available : A anti-theft protection was implemented. If you disconnect the terminal from the bus bar , ther terminal will be locked automatically. Only with a special transponder card ( one for one terminal ) you can unlock the terminal. Each transponder card is internal password protected. You can define a daily lock time , so you doesn't must lock the terminal manually every day.

Every terminal uses separate extracards for configure , or for making a backup and so on. In this way , you have the best guarantee for protecting the system.

The mainsoftware

The main functions of the pc software are to manage your data , customer , cards , transfering termnal data to pc and creating analyses.


You can use the USB interface for synchronization. In the window you can see a list of all terminals in your region and the synchronsation status. Each terminal have enough memory to store very much older data. If you need older data from the terminal you can also transfer them later.


Managing contacts. Customers and cards can be managed here. You can lock single cards if it is needed. A feature for exporting data to other systems was implemented.

The eventprotocol

Here is a very high exactly protocol of all events available. You can select the range of date and times , search about special cards , customers , salers and so on. Exporting data is available to use your infomration in other systems.

Creating accounts

The monthly based accounts of your salers community can be created in less than one second.

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