Microcontroller technology

C-Watch 3 : The all-rounder

Perfect for your company , your stock , house and court. Monitoring and alarmsystem, Energymanager and controller. Cameraobservation with intelligent motion detect. Controlling generators and water level. Very exactly data logging of all system states. Alarm by phone. Graphical analysing and much more.


C-Watch is a modular system. You can use unlimited external locations and bind it to one central unit over cable or W-LAN technology. Also you can access one central unit with other main units.

Intelligent motion detect.

The intelligent motion-detect use up to 4 independent defineable areas. Ease to create: In the live picture you define the area with your mouse and move it to the position you want. In this way you can protect the motion detect against natural moving objects like trees and bushes. You have the choice if you will generate a AVI stream or single picture recording. Some parameters such as build daily directorys and so on are available.

The central alarm system.

There are up to 16 free alarmchannels avail. Each channel have a priority that descripe in which way the alarm is handled. Addional an option für creating an alarm , if the connection is interrupted , is also available. You can define a time range for automatically switching the system on or off and you can configure one or more phone numbers. C-Watch will calling your number if an alarm occurs.

Graphical analyses.

Over 100 system state are available. You can view the system states in different ways : Per second , per minute or daily. The data logger uses simply textfiles to store the data. So you can transfer all logging data to other systems easily.

The microcontroller unit.

The main unit from each location is a powerfull microcontroller. Each controller has 40 digital I/O's ( 24 inputs / 16 outputs ) , 11 analgous 12 bit A/D converter , 4 analogous outputs , IEEE 802.3 Ethernet , 4 serial ports ( RS232,RS485,CMOS ) , battery backed time , watchdog , graficdisplay 122x32 pixel with a keyboard.

The videoserver.

Cameraserver with 704x576 pixel( Pal ) and maximal 20 pictures per second. The stream can be transfered per Ethernet or W-LAN technology.

Powerunit :

Here you can see the 40 electrically isolated I/O's. The breaking capacity : 40 x 230 Volt 16 Ampere.

More features :

You can access C-Watch remotly. If you have the access rights , you can send any configuration parameters with a addional software system. The software is a part of C-Watch.

If the location doesn't have an own electric power supply , the system have the ability to control different alternative energy sources ( solar , wind and so on ). An additional generator can be connected to the main controller.

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