Licher city card

Successfully implementation of the licher city card at september 5 , 2004

After a long design time , we have startet the licher card at sunday september 5 in 2004. With a great opening event activated by the Licher trade and commerce community e.V. was the city card started. Playful had the visitors of the event gathered their first points.
Over 5000 vistors were counted on this day , so we can describe the event only as triumphant.

The cause for the action was to animate this location of retail industry. More fun at the sales , so the devise by Hans-Jürgen Schäfer ( President of the Licher trade and commerce community e.V. ).

Media reports ( in german only ) :

Giessener Allgemeine 24.08.2004

Giessener Allgemeine 03.09.2004

Giessener Allgemeine 06.09.2004

Giessener Anzeiger 24.08.2004

Giessener Anzeiger 03.09.2004

Giessener Anzeiger 06.09.2004

Licher Wochenblatt 26.08.2004

Licher Wochenblatt 02.09.2004 Part 1

Licher Wochenblatt 02.09.2004 Part 2

Licher Wochenblatt 09.09.2004 Part 1

Licher Wochenblatt 09.09.2004 Part 2

MAZ 25.08.2004

Sonntag Morgen Magazin 29.08.2004

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