Datalogger software for logging and analyze climate datas ( iButton ® )

Professional software system for logging and analysing climate datas. Considerably administration of sensors , measuring points and measuring orders. Viewing all active measuring points in one time. Analysing and viewing the results in technical graphics , tables and statistics. Historical datas can be choosen from the internal data archive and can be exported to optionals external data formats. The multiple ranges system allow a safe controlling of your climate measure points.

Babyphone for Windows Smartphone Handys

Top software : Which Babyphone have an unlimited range ? Whereever you are , Babyphone can contact you , as long as you have connectivity to a GSM-Network. Use your mobile phone as a babypone. And the best is : You have no costs because you dont't must accept the call. This software is in german and english language available.

Metronome Plus for musicians and other people

The tempo is tunable up to 300 beats per minute. There are more than 15 sounds inside. A soundcard is needed for running metronom. The program runs under Windows Me / NT / 2000 / 2003 and XP. A specific deinstallation procedure is not necessary. Metronome Plus comes with additional features : A program editor for variable tempo and repeats , beats and tempo-increment or decrement. Tempo and beat visualization in windowed mode or in fullscreenmode.

Professional development and personalization of chip- and transponder cards

YouCreator is a modern and flexible software designer for creating all typical plastic cards. In addition to textitems and symbols you can insert pictures ( i.E from a camera ) , barcodes , tables and dynamic data fields. The system provide many helper functions, so its an easy way to create professional cards. Every card design can be loaded in the background of the working area. An available code manager provide you the functionality for burning your own code scheme to magnet- chip- or transponder cards.

YouLoyalty : Customer loyalty system

In the hard times of retail sales you must have a good idea to reform the currently situation. One good idea is the implementation of a bonus system which you can help to advance customer loyalty. To establish a bonus system in your region is always successfully if both parties ( the vendor an the customer ) have an anvantage. You will give your customer a bonus and the customer will give you loyalty.

Data logger for conventional electric meter ( Ferraris meter )

A low budget data logger for ferraris meters ( named from the italian Galileo Ferraris ) which works with the induction principle , you can easily implement with the aid of a light barrier. The light barrier detects the rotation of the aluminium disk.

High precision measurement device AD-Control 16 Channels 24 Bit

AD-Control beginns where standard devices ends. In the basic package from AD-Control we provide voltage , electric current and resistance. Addional we have some interfaces for developer to build you rown applications ( serial , dll , ocx ).


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