New software : preview - betaversion of E-Control in test

What are the features of E-Control ?

E-Control , is that what the name says : E-Commerce and controlling. Have you the options to control every time your interesting articles ? Can you permanently observe the items price and bids ? How fast will you be inform about price changes ? What are the options when you are to be out of the office ? How can you bid onto more than 20 articles concurrently ?

E-Control give answers to this questions :

The itemlist in E-Control has a unlimited number of entrys you will watch. You have only a limit beause you have no unlimited memory at your pc-system. E-Control uses multithreading technonology. So you have the option for create up to 100 processes for scanning items concurrently. You define how often the reading processes will be created. If you are out of the office , you can be informed by phone. Optional you can send a message back to instruct E-Control to do something changes. Up to 50 bids concurrently you can do at one time is enough if you doesn't will lose anything. The only thing what you need is a powerfull internet connectivity.

The search engine :

We have implemented a very powerfull search engine in E-Control. The result set of a single seach request is unlimited. All importent search criteria are available. Additional filters such as time range for the end of auction or the number of bids will help you find snips. All articles you have watched are marked. The latest one hundred search configurations are in stored in the system.

This is only a preview of E-Control. The release one of E-Control is planned for 2006. We will inform about the full version from E-Control later.

P.S. Naturally uses E-Control the efficiently method of time synchronisation from NTP strata server. See BayTime :(BayTime).

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