PC Systems

Computers are the newest technical achievement for effective hesitation of work.

( Cyril Northcote Parkinson )

Who doesn't know this: You directly bought a Pc at the discounter and the system laggs in face off powerful hardware. Or it growls beside the desktop, that you can hear your tomcat purring. And all that is cause by cheap compnents.
Anaother case is your hardware doesn't fit your requirements, but you can only get it in this version.

We offer powerful systems, build of indidividual assembled compnents, to you. Equally if you need a Workstation or gamingsystem. We build your system as you wish.

Another situation is a system, which worked for a long time stable, but now it doesn't run solid. Maybe it won't work anyway.

We also can offer repairs, software-installation or upgrades of existing systems. Are you interested? Simply contact us: