Once a day machines won't only calculate, but also be alble to think. But for sure they won't obatain any fantasy.

( Theodor Heuss )

Almost everybody can do it: Create a Homepage. Sadly isn't it as simple as it seems to create a good homepage. Starting at the loading time over the optimization of the size of the pictures, to special designs. Not everithing ist relaizable through modularity.

We offer individual Webpages, designe on your requirements. Equally if you wish an website for your cat or your company. We realize your projects, if possible.

HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL are words we understand. Maybe you need an CMS (Content Management System). Or you wan't a homepage for your club. We will help you. Our developments are designed at the state-of-the-art. We don't use table designs. Our references speak for us:


T.M. Elektronik & PA Systeme (Company)

Jens Lederer (Private homepage)

The Metal Zone (Portal)

Bank Elektronik - Intelligent Controls GmbH (Company)

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