Metronome Plus

A metronome for musicians and other people

K. Sakari Heikkila, Online Classical Guitar Teacher of his method, "Mastering the Five Disciplines" says, "The Metronome Plus is the only metronome I use and recommend to all my students !"

K. Sakari Heikkila is an official lesson provider for the Metronome Plus series. If you want to learn more about the lessons , please visit : Mastering the Five Disciplines or contact our support team for more information.

It's a powerful and an easy to use metronome. You can download the professional version as freeware release on this site.

Easy installation :

Unpack the zip-archive in a directory of your choice and start afterwards metro.exe ! The tempo is tunable up to 300 beats per minute. We have implemented 15 sounds you can configure. If you want you can add your own sounds. The format of the sounds is 16 bit - row data mono with 352kB / sec. A soundcard is needed for running metronom. The program runs under Windows Me / NT / 2000 / 2003 and XP. A specific deinstallation procedure is not necessary.

Metronome Plus comes with additional features : A program editor for variable tempo and repeats , beats and tempo-increment or decrement. Tempo and beat visualization in windowed mode or in fullscreenmode :

Download : Metronom Plus (0,90 MB,ZIP-Archiv)

Download : Metronom Plus Mini (1,11 MB,ZIP-Archiv)


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