Energy Spy

Data logger for conventional electric meter ( Ferraris meter )

A low budget data logger for ferraris meters ( named from the italian Galileo Ferraris ) which works with the induction principle , you can easily implement with the aid of a light barrier. The light barrier detects the rotation of the aluminium disk. In this application we had acquired the power data from a solar panel system. The result data was converted to a readable format that can be used from other developers to analyse the power data. A realtime demonstration could be found here : Energy / Solar technology

Configuration :

In the configuration you only must set the actual counter reading ( rotaions and kwh ). Now you can verify the system because you must have always the same counter readings. Also as a very importent parameter you must define the number of rotations / kwh ! This is the basic calculation value for the program because we only can registry full rotations. In a final step you define the input from the serial interface and connect it to the light barrier. You can determine in which chronologically resolution you will record the power data. Per rotation , per second , minute or per hour. The data will recorded in a textfile with the following informations : date and time , rotations , hWh and the actual power in watts. Because the file is a textfile you can process the data easily in other systems. This system needs beside the software a little bit hardware. If you need more information , please send us an e-Mail. We will send you an information brochure.

All charts on this page would be created with "Energy Spy". The datalogging is based on sensible light barriers which must be installed at the electricity meter directly. The advantage of this low budget technology is : You have no need to adjust the measurements belated. Energy Spy can log up to two electric meters concurrently and you have many eventualities to convert the result data into other external formats ( i.E Sunny - Web protocols ). Additional Energy Spy have some internal charts and meters you can configure and transfer to the web via FTP.

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