A babyphone for Windows Smartphone devices.

Which Babyphone have an unlimited range ? Whereever you are , Babyphone can contact you , as long as you have connectivity to a GSM-Network. Use your mobile phone as a babypone. And the best is : You have no costs because you dont't must accept the call. This software is in german and english language available.

The mainscreen of Babyphone shows you the current status , the settings for microfone and the gauges. Furthermore shows the mainscreen the thresholds with which you can define in the settings.

In the configuration menu you must define a valid call number. A call delay value ( minutes ) is available for waiting a minimum time between single calls. Also you have a maximum parameter of calls for protecting you against false alarms.

In the second configuration dialog you can define the microfons sensibility and the thresholds for reaction. If the microfones gauge reach the right threshold , a phone call is performed.

Babyphone is shareware. The price for a registered fullversion is 19.95 EUR. You can download a free testversion below. The limitation is a maximum activation runtime ( 1 hour ). After one hour you must start the controlling again.

System requirements : Windows Mobile 2003 SE ®. Installation : Copy the installfile ( CAB ) with ActiveSync to your smartphone and make a double click on the file. The CAB-file will be deleted automaticly after the installation procedure.

Purchase your fullversion here :

Download testversion : Babyphone (55 KB,CAB-Archive)

Download testversion : Babyphone (82 KB,ZIP-Archive)


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