Cam Control Mobotix

Camera control and positioning for Mobotix cams without positioning interface

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The mainwindow shows all important informations you need. First you must move the camera position to the reference point. The referencepoint is the leftmost position. After that you must set the nullposition using the button : 'Set Null'. Now you can drive to any positions and take them into the list by using the 'New' - button. It is the same procedure for updating positions. You can drive to positions directly by using the contextmenu. In minmized mode the program will stop the live-stream for optimizing the system. The pictures will be saved over the camera directly. See configure Cam Control.

Select the communication port. For using the ethernet interface to control the camera , set the communication port to 'None. Parameters : Delaytime in milliseconds : After positioning the program waits for the value of ms before activate the picture save. Delaytime per cycle : After every cycle you can define a delay time in seconds. If you need maximum performance , please set the value to null. Additional time for nullposition : Define an additional time to protect the system against positioning errors. Reference drive : The reference procedure will be execute once after programstart. You must set that parameter much high enough to ensure that the camera is set to the leftmost position. The control commands you will find in the manuals of your Mobotix camera ( Mobotix-Homepage ). Options : Control Y-positions : Also the vertical positions can be controlled. But remember that the camera doesn't have a reference point. That means if you are using the ethernet interface it is possible you will get positioning errors. Switch on the checkbox : Automatic after programstart if you will activate the program from the autostart-group. Good luck with Cam Control PC.

Download : Cam Control (625 KB,ZIP-Archiv)


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