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Weekly chart

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Location: * Nieder-Bessingen * E = 08° 53' 07"/ N = 50° 32' 23"
Azimuth angle: 00° Süd ( Temporarily shades )
Angle of inclination: 45°
Effective generator surface: 24,54 qm
Date of commissioning: 15.06.2000
Power: 2,64 kWp
Module: 24 St."IBC 110 S Megaline" ( BP Cells 72 per module )
Inverter module: SMA "Sunny Boy 2500" ( Exchange at 7350 KW )
Software: - 1.4 - ( Inverter module now with cooling )
Operator: P.Mandl

All charts on this page would be created with "Energy Spy". The datalogging is based on sensible light barriers which must be installed at the electricity meter directly. The advantage of this low budget technology is : You have no need to adjust the measurements belated. Energy Spy can log up to two electric meters concurrently and you have many eventualities to convert the result data into other external formats ( i.E Sunny - Web protocols ). Additional Energy Spy have some internal charts and meters you can configure and transfer to the web via FTP. ( The Energy Spy )

The Energy Spy

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The Energy Spy

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