MicroBidder : A veryt fast auction sniper ( eBay® )

All importent informations in the main screen of MicroBidder.

For using the sniper you must have an existing internet connection and a valid eBay® account. For security we don't save the username and the password. Type in the itemnumber you are searching for and the maximum price. After start the procedure the system will check your inputs and after this starting the countdown. You can initialize the bidding procedure manually or cancel if you want. Please ensure that your system time is correct using the internal time synchronization.

MicroBidder works exactly and smooth in background mode. Minimizing the application will insert MicroBidder in the Tray ( mostly at the right bottom of the screen ). Optionally , MicroBidder will inform you about importent events automaticly with visual and acoustical signals.

Changing your bid is very easy. After a double click in the cell you will enter the edit mode. Your changes will be verified immediately. Use the same procedure to change the count down ( seconds before auction end ). Use the context menu to edit the item list.

All transactions will be optionally written to a log file. So , you can calculate your best transaction time. In all our tests during the development time , we have reached an exactness of less than one second , under the premise that you must have a fast internet velocity and the servers of the auction company are working with normal speed. MicroBidder is Freeware.

In time the MicroBidder is only in germany useable.

Download : MicroBidder (980 KB,ZIP-Archive)


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