Professional development and personalization of chipcards with the YouCreator Software and the YouDMT Printmanager. Individuality and flexibility are the most important characteristics of the system. If you need more information , please send us an e-Mail. We will send you an information brochure.

YouCreator is a modern and flexible software designer for creating all typical plastic cards. In addition to textitems and symbols you can insert pictures ( i.E from a camera ) , barcodes , tables and dynamic data fields. The system provide many helper functions, so its an easy way to create professional cards. Every card design can be loaded in the background of the working area. An available code manager provide you the functionality for burning your own code scheme to magnet- chip- or transponder cards.

With the YouDMT Printmanager we can ensure an optimized and controlled production process. The first advantage of a controlled production process is that to join cards and papers in an easy way. The second advantage is you have minimized production times. This is the best fit for creating big lots of cards. The system uses an ODBC-Database ( Open Database Connectivity ) for administrating the print jobs. Because the tablestructure is public, you can bind the system to your own database system ( Microsoft SQL , Oracle , MySQL etc. )

With an additional printing controller you are enabled to define a controlled production of cards. Single workstation can be bound to specific printers or to single printers output hoppers. In this way , you avoid additional and involved sorting of the cards after the printout. The count of printers and the count of defineable workstations is not limited.

The You-Series card production system offers you an extensive and practiced system for designing , creating and producing professional plastic cards with magnet- chip- or transponder technology. The main focus during the development time was the printing quality and the minimized production time of plastic cards.

For more information , please send us an e-Mail. We will send you an information brochure :

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