Temperature controller ( Jumo )

An easy configuration software for Jumo - Temperature controllers dTron 3xx Series

An easy to use configuration software for Jumo - Temperature controller ( dTron 3xx series ). There are two controllers defineable and you can configure the setpoint and the offset value of each controller. Optionally you can burn the values to the EEPROM of the controller. Very usefull for service-engineers. We have observed to provide only the values for calibrating the system. For an extendend controller setup , we will refer to the offical manufacturer homepage :

Manufacturer homepage : Jumo / Germany

Die Konfiguration :

Setup the system : Define the communication port and the baudrate. The other communcation parameters are fix : 8 Databits, 1 Stopbit , none Parity. A timeout value ( for the controllers answer ) can be defined in milliseconds. The expiration of the timeout would be generate an error. In this version the system provide two controller configurations. The address of each controller is defineable.

Note : Currently the system is only on german language available. If you need something else , please don't hesitate to contact us.

Download Software :

Temperature controller software ( 51 KB , ZIP - Archiv )

More informations :