Datalogger- Softwaresystem for measureing and analysing climate datas

In the basic configuration the system works with temperature and humidity sensors ( iButtons ® ) from Maxim / Dallas Semiconductor. Additionally the system is expandable for other user-defined measuring datas. A complete measuring order administration is very helpfully and eased your daily work. All measuring order and status can be viewed in one time. The measurands temperature and humididy can be converted to the following results : dew point , wet-bulb temperature t' , water vapour partial pressure , saturation vapour pressure , air density , saturation humidity , absolut humidity , specific humidity and enthalpy. All calculated results can be displayed in graphs and spreadsheets.

What are iButtons ® ?

iButtons ® are small-sized ( like coin cells ) data loggers for logging temperatures and humidity or in the form of identifier , realtimeclocks and flash memory available. As a result of the small size and the fact that iButtons ® doesn't need an external power suppy , they can be used at inaccessible places. Also they can be used under Water.

For the connection to the iButtons ® can be used either a serial cable or the USB connector from Maxim / Dallas. The program detects the sensor automaticly and the sensors address will be inserted in the sensor configuration list. Now it's possible to bind the sensor to a user defined name. Afterwards the first measuring order can be started. Equally , the administration allows to configure your own measuring points and give them an extra name and parameters. There are a set point and three types of limit ranges : Warning limits , control limits and tolerance limits. If a measuring order is started , there are some parameters to configure : The starting date and time , the resolution or exactness of the samples , the planned runtime and the description of the measuring order. Also , there are two ways to define a test point. Either the sensor identify the test point directly or you can bind the sensors name to a valid test point in the configuration.

The sensors ( or iButtons ® ) can be readout at any time without complete the measuring order. The measuring value protocol shows the original samples. As a feature , you can bind the results of different sensors in the same document. So , you are capable to compare different test points. All datas can be exported to many other applications like Microsoft Excel. The visual and content properties can be changed in the system configuration.

As an extra document , there is a special protocol that shows a statistical summary of the results. The statistical variables can be selected in the configuration. So , the statistic shows the essence of a longer data series in a compact document. Historical datas can be inserted to the documents by reading from the data archive. For descriptions there are sufficient user defined fields available.

Available is the complete system in form of a basic system with iButtons ® or as an only software system for users they have no need to buy new iButtons ®. Visit our online shop or send us an e-mail. A free testversion of clime monitor is available.


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