BayTime internet time synchronization and date manager

In the times of e-commerce a very high precision of the computers time is essential. Unfortunately , the most of the available softwaresystems ( auction software , sniper and so on ... ) uses absolute insufficient methods of time synchronization. With the aid of NTP Version 4 can you resolve this problem.

The helper : BayTime

Methods of time synchronization in the internet

The worst method is the time synchronization via HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language ). The system sends a request to a webserver and extracts the time from the reponse HTML-code. In this case you have a very heigh insecurity because you don't now anything about the reponsetime and the runtime of transfering the website to your pc.

Explicitly better are the methods of the NTP( Network Time Protocol ). NTP uses on port 13 an ASCII ( American Standard Code for Information Interchange ) protocol for getting time and uses on port 37 a binary time value ( 32 bit ). In this value you can find the seconds elapsed since 1/1/1900 . Both mehods are good but they don't regard the runtimes and they have only a precision based on seconds.

The new version of NTP ist a hierarchical protocol that communicate over timeservers. This method use several stratas. The strata level 1 is the strate that has a directly connected time source ( e.g. a atomic clock ). Strata 2 server receive their time from the server at level 1 etc.

If a server at level 2 has no connection to a server at level 1 , the server must get the time infomration from other servers at level 2. In this way the server ensures to have always the exactly time. For further reading please visit the NTP-homepage : NTP-Homepage

BayTime configuration

You can define 1 primary server and two secondary server. The secondary server(s) will be used if the primary server is not available. Sychronizationoption are after programstart or after a defineable time window. The mainwindow can be transparantly displayed. Color and the level of transparency you can setting up. Furthermore you have some options to define the program response if you have a date. Up to 100 dates can be configured. Additional you can automatically open the bidding site from e-Bay for an article you interested in and you can observe the items price.

But BayTime can more. We have implemented a shutdown manager and a LAN-time synchronization for computer without directly internet connection.

As a little extra , BayTime can delete unwantedly cookies from your system.

Large NTP serverlist

A large list of NTP servers is available. This the editor you can delete , edit or add new servers. This a testfunction you can test the servers. All importent information is listed in the testwindow dialog.


Here you can test the responsetime of timeserves. Please use only servers with a fast response time !

Edit dates

You can create up to 100 dates here. If you define a valid itemnumber as subject the system will observe the items price in e-Bay. If the date is near , BayTime will open the bidding site for you.

Download : Baytime (German) (974 KB,ZIP-Archiv)

Download : Baytime (English) (974 KB,ZIP-Archiv)